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How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer

NCCA personal trainer

NCCA Personal Trainer

An NCCA-accredited certification is the first thing to look for:

A personal trainer should hold a current NCCA-accredited certification. This will give you the assurance that you are working with a professional who has the knowledge and skills to provide you with a safe and effective workout.

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Do you really need a personal trainer?

personal trainer

personal trainer

When you think of personal trainers, you probably think of Celebrity Fit Club, the ultra-rich and competitive athletes. But personal trainers have gone main stream, and they are more accessible than ever before to the masses.

Personal Trainers: Great for Beginners

A good trainer will spend time with you taking a close look at your current fitness levels and will perform a thorough evaluation of your diet, nutrition and activity levels. They will also look at any pre-existing medical conditions and injuries, and your personal fitness goals. From all of this information, they’ll create a custom workout and diet plan that will help you achieve those goals. They can also help demonstrate the right form to use when performing exercises, which will increase your chances of success, while reducing your chance of injury.

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