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Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness Kickboxing

Traditionally we have walked, ran, stepped and spun away the pounds; but co-creator Deanna Loychuk has designed a workout that literally kicks them off! It’s called the 30 Minute Hit and since its conception five years ago, this revolutionary kickboxing/boxing circuit is giving women the opportunity to punch, kick  and crunch off those extra inches!

In 2004, after becoming bored of the standard gym atmosphere, this busy mom of two young boys started looking for a quick and efficient workout that would give her the results she was looking for. And after trying several different classes and programs, Deanna like many, found herself frustrated with was available. Instead she turn to her husband Jackson for ideas based on his professional training experience in boxing, kickboxing, self defense and fitness.

With an idea of what she was looking for and a list of what she wanted to exclude, Deanna and Jackson got to work customizing a training program that she would enjoy and use. What developed would be a high tempo women’s only circuit using techniques taken from boxing, kickboxing, general self defense, and core stability training combining two form what many are calling the ultimate workout.

Now imagine this: your youngest child has decided to wear hid cheerios instead of eat them this morning and the clothing change has you dashing out the door ten minutes late. After dropping the kids at school you’re a good twenty minutes behind schedule so you head straight to the gym for your kickboxing class. As you enter the gym you take a deep breath and take your time getting changed into your gym clothing because you’re not late! Yes, you read that right, you are not late as Deanna has set up the 30 Minute Hit to run in large time blocks. For example, one time block would mean that the gym was open from 6:30 am till 11:30 am. Time Blocking eliminates those inflexible class schedules so you are always on time.

So now that you are dressed and ready to sweat you just start at the first station – skipping for two minutes to warm up and get you moving. From there this is how it works: The circuit s comprised of thirteen different heart pumping stations, each lasting two minutes than a 15 seconds break between each station. Therefore every two minutes somebody is finishing and a new person can start.

In response to my concern that doing the same interval stations each time you workout might not challenge everyone, Deanna explained how there is always room for improvement because you can add variety, and you are always improving on your skill level. We don’t change the stations but we do have many different levels. For example, once you have mastered the jab cross we will challenge to add an upper cut and a hook! All the stations have several variations keeping things fresh as you progress. Because you are always going as hard as you can, you’re guaranteed to get exhausting workout every time. The system is designed to challenge your upper body, lower body, core and cardio all the way through. I have never had a compliant about boredom! We have women who started “the HIT” the day we opened and are still training hard and loving it five years later. In fact we have many women who re-join after having to take a break for one reason or another. Once they have experienced this workout it’s tough to do anything else as it just doesn’t compare. We sometimes joke that our girls get addicted to the HIT.

My off the hand remark of, “so maybe you can go through twice” got a loud laugh accompanied by a surprising explanation, “You can…everyone asks that, but when they finish they are done! You get results very quickly using this system. If you go as hard as you can, 30 minutes should be more than enough. I would say that 99% of your clients only go through once!”

An intense 30 minute workout with room to advance is great for athletes and seasoned kick boxers, but Deanna made it very clear that even if you never boxed before you can still participate, ”This program is not just for the elite athlete, our demographic is wide spread. We have thirteen year olds to sixty year olds, and 90 to 300 pound women come in! Most of our clients have had zero experience, and many have not worked out all for years. Everyone pushed their own limits and works from their own starting point. Because it’s not a group or partner based program, everyone gets exactly what they need. For you first workout we have a qualified 30 Minute Hit trainer take you trough the circuit to get you started. They will give you lots of one on one instruction showing proper technique and help motivate members always  have a trainer  on the floor to improve their technique and keep them working hard. It’s kind a like having skilled personal trainer without the complete one on one commitment or the huge expense.

The 30 Minute Hit is an intense total body workout that empowers women@ According to Results Research boxing/kickboxing is one of the most effective cardiovascular workouts and interval training is one of the best ways to melt off those love handles. Deanna gives her recommendations on how many times a week you should participate, “Some of our clients are here five times a week to see changes. This has been a very rewarding career for me because I get see our client’s bodies rapidly changing- I see the results! I have seen women who haven’t done anything in ten years walk by me a couple of weeks later with visible changes- amazingly different! “Deanna also pointed out that all the models that she uses on her website have obtained their chiseled bodies from using this unique 30 minute circuit.

What else does Deanna love about this job? “Everyone leaves here smiling!

It’s great to see girls leaving sweaty and happy; feeling energized and empowered. Until now this style of training has not been made to fit the needs of most women so it hasn’t been something they had a chance to try. But once they get a chance to hit the bags they understand how strong they can be, and how good it feels to vent some of life’s stresses with a pair of Boxing gloves. Women always tell us that after their workout they feel ready for all of life’s challenges. And we think that’s pretty special.”

There is definitely something different in the atmosphere at the 30 Minute Hit. Re-inventing the typical atmosphere of your typical fitness center, Deanna make sure that every 30 Minute Hit has a comfortable, inspiring and highly motivating environment. This women friendly atmosphere has brought a wonderful aspect to their clubs, “It’s has brought a social place-kind of like a second home to many of our clients. Many moms come here after they drop their kids off at school, or comes in after work looking forward to seeing friends they have made on the training floor.”

With the membership prices ranging from $45-55 per month for unlimited training and the ability tom commit on a month to month basis, the 30 Minute Hit is definitely offering one of the best values in fitness training out there. “Compared to Martial Arts schools, personal trainers and boot camp styled workouts, our value is outstanding…there is just no comparison” says Deanna. “We offer an established comfortable location, with great instruction, and flexible workout times at a really great price.”

Currently the 30 Minute Hit has four locations: North Vancouver Port Coquitlam, South Surrey and Vancouver. The Franchise is expanding at a frantic pace with several new locations coming soon to the Lower Mainland including Richmond and Langley as well as moving in Alberta with the first one in Calgary. Deanna decries the reasons behind the success, “It’s a fun, empowering, stress relieving, affordable workout that gets you results. It’s growing quickly beyond our expectations.”

So whether you are seasoned athlete, a stay at home mom who’s been  inching  to try something new or just want to let some frustration out, the 30 Minute Hit might  be the club for you! For more information or to book a free trial at any location you can visit

http://www.30MinuteHit.com Womens Fitness

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