How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer

NCCA personal trainer

NCCA Personal Trainer

An NCCA-accredited certification is the first thing to look for:

A personal trainer should hold a current NCCA-accredited certification. This will give you the assurance that you are working with a professional who has the knowledge and skills to provide you with a safe and effective workout.

After checking certification, there are a few other criteria you should consider when selecting a personal trainer.

# Work Experience and Area of Specialization

Ask how many years of experience a personal trainer has working with clients. If you are receiving care for a medical or orthopedic condition, a personal trainer should obtain your consent to discuss exercise guidelines and contraindications with your healthcare provider. Your personal trainer should also ask the doctor for medical clearance.

# Education

While an NCCA-accredited certification is the professional credential you should look for in a personal trainer, a college degree in exercise science or a related field is a definite plus.

# Ask For References

Ask the personal trainer for names, phone numbers and even testimonials of other clients he/she has worked with. If available, call previous clients to see if they were satisfied with their training experience and results. Talk to fellow members of your health club or friends who are currently working with trainers for their recommendations.

# Talk To the Trainer

Ask yourself if you think you could get along well with the trainer and whether you think the trainer is genuinely interested in helping you. The personal trainer you select should motivate you using positive, not negative, reinforcement.

# Fees

Personal training fees vary based on a trainer’s experience and reputation, facility prices and geographic area, but they are well worth the investment. Your financial investment should decrease as you become more independent, knowledgeable and fit.

# Professional Liability Insurance and Business Policies

Many personal trainers operate as independent contractors and are not employees of a fitness facility. Find out if the trainer you want to hire carries professional liability insurance. A reputable personal trainer should make sure you understand the cancellation policy and billing procedures. The best way to avoid confusion and to protect your rights is to have those policies in writing. 

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