Do you really need a personal trainer?

personal trainer

personal trainer

When you think of personal trainers, you probably think of Celebrity Fit Club, the ultra-rich and competitive athletes. But personal trainers have gone main stream, and they are more accessible than ever before to the masses.

Personal Trainers: Great for Beginners

A good trainer will spend time with you taking a close look at your current fitness levels and will perform a thorough evaluation of your diet, nutrition and activity levels. They will also look at any pre-existing medical conditions and injuries, and your personal fitness goals. From all of this information, they’ll create a custom workout and diet plan that will help you achieve those goals. They can also help demonstrate the right form to use when performing exercises, which will increase your chances of success, while reducing your chance of injury.

But I Already Know What to Do In The Gym.  How Can A Personal Trainer Help Me?

Even if you have plenty of experience in the gym, a personal trainer can still come in handy — especially when you find your progress stalling. There are trainers that specialize in certain areas, such as strength or weight training, rehabilitation, sports- or recreation-specific training, or bodybuilding, who can provide valuable outside perspective and expertise. Having that voice over your shoulder is often all it takes.

Do I Have to Have A Personal Trainer to Be Successful?

Depending on your motivation levels, knowledge and desire to learn more about fitness, you may never need to use a personal trainer. There are plenty of highly-fit people who never employ personal trainers and achieve very impressive results. On the other hand, there are individuals who use trainers regularly who still find them slacking off at home on their diet, and are disappointed with their results. At the end of the day, it really comes down to the effort and dedication that you put in, regardless of who is training you.

If you are self motivated, you’ll likely find that using a personal trainer only gives you marginal gains over your usual workout regimen.  Besides, if you are finding it difficult to keep your focus up and stay positive, a personal trainer can be just the ticket

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